Q:  What is Primrose Gardens registered plan # and when was it built?

A:  Primrose Gardens was built in 1973 and is registered as Plan # CD 13082



Q:  What payment types does Primrose Gardens accept?

A:  We accept cheques or money orders/drafts only however condo fee payments can be paid via our pre-authorized debit program.  This can be arranged by contacting the office @ 780-481-4908 or via email.



Q:  How often is the office voicemail checked?

A:  We have a phone monitor checking and recording voicemail messages a minimum of 3 times daily, 7 days per week.  Please leave your name, phone #, unit #, and reason for your call.  Our monitor contacts the appropriate board member.  You should expect a call back within a day. You are also required to put  concerns, complaints &/or requests in writing.



Q:  How do I go about renting an additional parking stall and how much are they?

A:  We rent our additional stalls in 6 month blocks – January thru June and July thru December.  The parking rental agreement must be signed by the unit owner who cannot be in arrears to the corporation. A permit is issued at the office and must be visible (ie on your dashboard).  Non-plug stalls are $125.00 for 6 months and Plug in stalls for $225.00 for 6 months



Q:  What do I do if someone is parked in my unit stall?

A:  Primrose Gardens has Bylaw #5590 posted on our property as well as many bright yellow NO VISITOR PARKING signs throughout.  If someone is parked in your unit stall OR in a stall that you rent you have the right to have them towed.  It is in your best interest to take date stamped  photos of the vehicle and the vehicle license plate.  This information may be required when you call the tow company. You may have to be home when they come.   All costs are charged to the vehicle owner, so you are not charged when they pick it up.



Q:  Can I rent an extra parking stall to store a vehicle I do not use or want to work on?

A:  All vehicles parked in Primrose Gardens parking lots must be registered and have valid license plates.   We do not permit vehicle maintenance in our lots, they must be done off site. NO EXCEPTIONS.



Q:  What do we do if there is a sewer back up or flood in our basements?

A:  Call Roto-Rooter at 780-452-3284 immediately.  Primrose Gardens Condo Corp is billed.  If it is determined by Roto-Rooter that the issue occurred due to owner/resident neglect/abuse, we will charge the unit owner.



Q:  I am having my furnace cleaned – can I get the fire lane opened?

A:  We can arrange for the fire lane gates to be unlocked with at least 7 days written notice.  Alternately, you can leave a message on the office voicemail.



Q:  Has Primrose Gardens ever considered having a community garden?

A:  The idea has been tossed around.  If we could have supplies, labor and time donated to make/build raised garden boxes we would consider getting it up and running.



Q:  Can we hang flower planters on our fences?

A:  We encourage planter boxes that sit on top of the fences however you cannot fix anything to the fencing without prior written permission from the board.



Q:  Can we have a fire pit in our yard?

A:  No open flames are permitted in Primrose Gardens.  This includes chimneas, fire pits, citronella stakes etc.  Propane Bar-B-Q’s are OK as long as they are not up against/touching the siding or fences.  Smokers should extinguish butts in a water filled container as not to start fires by flicking them into dry brush, grass, flower pots etc. Remember that now unit owners are held more accountable for damages they may cause to common property or other unit owners property.  You are not permitted to store any flammable item in your yards (ie motorcycles).



Q:  Why did you start the website?

A:  Good question here are just a few of our reasons;

  • to keep residents and owners better informed of up coming projects
  • provide residents and owners access to documents such as bylaws, reserve fund study etc.
  • to cut back on unnecessary printing (ie newsletters, bylaws etc)
  • to allow board of director members more time to be in the field
  • faster communication regarding the Condominium Property Act changes



Q:  Can anyone join the Board?

A:  First and foremost you must be able to work well as a team member.  You must be a unit owner in good standing with the corporation.  You must be able to give up more time than what is allotted for meetings and conduct yourself in the best interest of the entire complex.  Essentially you would have a second job.  You may not be bankrupt or have a criminal record.  Thick skin and good sense of humor will definitely help you through the rough times.  If you are interested and want to know more, please come to an open door meeting and ask the board questions.



Q:  When are condo fees due?

A:  Condo fees are as important as your mortgage payments.  Fees are due the first (1st) of each month.  We are currently reviewing our policy on charging interest for those who are not complying with our bylaw regarding payments.

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